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DC101 just played 4 Jimmy Eat World songs. In a row.

1) Pain
2) Sweetness
3) A Praise Chourus
4) The Middle

DC101 is now my new love.

School's going pretty well. I'm adjusted now, and it's basically just work. Noo fun. But school over all is awesome. Most of my teachers are cool. We're going on a field trip to Signature Theater next Wednesday. Good stuff, I'll update more later. I have to go to the Soc Hop with Whit soon. :)

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oh yeah i've heard them do that before where it was like block party weekend or something hahaha
Yeah, that do that alll the time.
oh. I've never heard it before. That's pretty cool.
Well, they don't do it ALL the time. But when I still lived in Arlington I remember they did it with Nirvana and stuff
yeah I remember that

*KARLYN nice icon
Awww well thank you Liliana Chicle.