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This weekend's been pretty awesome so far. Friday I went to the doctor (the not fun part) and found out I have like poison ivy/poison oak. But I don't believe them. It itches really bad though. Oh well, besides that my weekend's been good. Friday night I went to Flight Plan with Amanda C, Laura (i forget her last name :[), Ben, Jessica, Annie and Claire. It was awesome. We ran into Ward, Ross, Josh, Amanda and Stacia. The movie was really good too.
Today I had Tag Day, which is like the fundraiser thing for band and orchestra and choir. My group was me, Suzi, Huda and Claire. We made 651$ :) That wasn't that bad. Then we went to CiCi's pizza and played Air Hocky =D Tonight I went to Cosi's with Emma and Claire and Danny. I ran into Amanda and Stacia and Stepahnie there too. It was fun.

Tomorrow's not gunna be as cool :\ I have a youth group car wash for the first half of the day and then I have to write my paper :( Oh well.

Good stuff.
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